Our Team

Orthopaedic Surgeons

Dr. Choi Sum Hung

Dr. Tse Yun Tin Paul

Dr. Cheung Ho Man

Dr. NG Tze Pui

Dr. Chang Yun Po Robert

Dr. Lie Wai Hung Chester

Dr. Cheng Hang Cheong

Dr. Yeung Yeung

Registered Physiotherapists

Fion Lee

Eddie Wong

Step Hung

Angel Ng

Support Team

Ivy Li


Candy Yeung

Clinic Manager

Personal Assistant of Dr. Choi Sum Hung: Miss Yu Ka Bik

Personal Assistant of Dr. Tse Yun Tin Paul: Ms. Shannon Yung

Personal Assistant of Dr. Cheung Ho Man: Miss Loretta Yuen

Personal Assistant of Dr. Ng Tze Pui: Miss Kaman Wong

Clinic Assistant of Dr. Chang Yun Po Robert: Miss Jenny Yau

Clinic Assistant of Dr. Lie Wai Hung Chester: Miss Ning

Clinic Assistant of Dr. Cheng Hang Cheong: Miss Poon

Clinic Assistant of Dr. Yeung Yeung: Miss Jenny Yau

Accountant: Miss Teresa Yeung

Human Resource Department: Miss Candy Yeung

Administration Department: Miss Anna Choy